Tavola da Surf Lost V2 Rocket 5’10” USATO


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Tavola da Surf Lost V2 Rocket 5’10” USATO

La Nostra Descrizione :

La Tavola è usata e viene venduta senza pinne. 

Lo stato della tavola è ottimo non presenta nessuna riparazione e botta di rilievo, ma il normale utilizzo.

The V2 has a bit less tail rocker, with less concave through he fins which creates a faster rail line under foot. I actually deepened the concave out of the tail as well. The soft wing helps retain of the quick redirection off the top n bottom..and lend more control in the bowl. To tell the truth, I have moved the points of the diamond up a bit and made the angle closer to the Stealth tail, but haven’t finalized this 100%.

The nose rocker is bent up more in the last 12″ (to balance the lower TR and keep from poking) and the concave is brought further forward (to compensate for more NR and also further elongating the rail line for more front foot drive) and help with even faster out the gate take rides.