Tavola da Surf Longboard SIC Print 9’0″ SIC Surfboard + Leash


Un Classico del Surf il Longboard SIC offre a principianti e esperti un’esperienza in acqua unica ed indimenticabile, da sempre tavola super versatile.




Tavola da Surf Longboard SIC Print 9’0″  Surfboards

La tavola da Surf Longboard SIC Print Handling both small waves and pumping swell with style, the Classic Longboard offers both beginners and seasoned surfers a ride with endless possibilities. If you are looking to hang ten, get tubed or perform a roundhouse cutback, the Classic Longboard will deliver. Effortlessly bringing together modern technology with old-school style, this longboard will satisfy surfers of all levels. 

Beginners will appreciate its volume and a forgiving outline, while advanced wave walkers will be impressed with the way it handles in pumped-up swell. These boards hold a high-line and will keep you nicely in the pocket. Built with the durable ST (Space Tec) construction, the Classic Longboard will last you many years and through thousands of great surf sessions!


9’0″22.5″187 lbs66 LST


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