Futures Fin F4 Quad


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Futures Fin – Stretch Quad


Futuers F4 Honeycomb Quad fins is a well rounded fin perfect for small surfers or surfboards with narrow tails. The combination of flat foil and a honeycomb structure gives the set added balance and hold on rail, while the smaller template ensures responsiveness and release.

The hexagonal core provides the feel of glass-ons. Built with a medium flex pattern, these fins are stiffer than blackstix, but more flexible than fibreglass.

 Flat foil fins are good at speed control, and work well in fast powerful surf where additional speed does not need to be created.

Each set of futures fins comes with a size rating, and each rating has a suggested rider weight range so that you can easily figure out if a fin set is going to work for you.
This set of fins is rated: Small – Designed for a rider 105lbs – 155lbs

Front FinsRear Fins
Height –4.37″3.75″
Base –4.22″3.64″
Area –14.22″10.90″